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Paris, Farnce

World Bakery, Patisserie and Catering Exhibition


Figures 2014

  • 804 exhibitors and brands from 29 countries
  • 76 950 professionals, 30% from 138 countries
  • 9 international and French competitions
  • 2 480 demonstrations over the 5 days

Excellent business atmosphere and a worldwide audience!


The world’s largest bakery and pastry shop has just closed its doors after 5 very positive days in Paris- Villepinte, alongside SuccessFood, the contemporary food service exhibition.


In spite of the subdued general economic situation, this year’s Europain & Intersuc exhibition kept in line with the sector’s dynamism, with buoyant business activity, and many events and competitions for artisans and industrialists alike.


The second SuccessFood edition, for its part, has confirmed its support to the bakery-pastry market’s new trend of offering throughout the day foodservice to its customers, and showcased many new and exciting savoury treats or equipment for the bakeries lunchtime offer.


130 281 pieces of bread made on the show by the exhibitors and the competitions candidates, as well as 35 086 viennese pastries, 89 694 cakes, 23 650 salted snacks and more than 19 tons of flour used during the show


Nearly 6 tons of bread, cakes and other food products offered by the exhibors to the Red Cross at the show closure.


There are plenty of reasons to join us FOR THE EUROPAIN PARIS BAKING Trade Fair .

You will meet knowledgeable industry leaders who will address a range of topics, link informative strategies for building your business, and learn how European demographics and psychographics differ from those in the U.S.

Put simply, if you want to tap into the vital European business market, you need to be at the EUROPAIN PARIS BAKING Trade Fair and Trade Show with TTI Travel, the Trade Fair Travel Specialists!







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