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94% of exhibitors were very satisfied/ satisfied with the level of expertise!


90% of exhibitors in 2014 said they would recommend EuroShop to others!


EuroShop 2017: New dimensions for your business.

EuroShop hit new highs yet again in all respects in 2014. More than 109,000 trade visitors from 100 countries came to the retail industry’s No.1 global event. Especially remarkable was the increase in internationality and decision-making authority. 2,229 companies from 56 countries presented themselves, their products, solutions and services. The spectrum ranged from market leaders in all areas to young start-ups from emerging markets.Exhibitors summed up EuroShop 2014 as follows: excellent mood, many new customer contacts and a high number of business deals made.

EuroShop 2017: All Dimensions of Success.

The coming EuroShop edition will be one of the most exciting ever. Because the No.1 among the retail trade fairs has evolved still further. And changed its profile – as of now, the fair covers 7 different dimensions. It is not only reinventing itself but charting out new courses for the future.

EuroShop 2017: Retuned for your success.

Yes, EuroShop 2017 is different from 2014. But you’ll recognise it – by your success.In transforming itself, EuroShop 2017 is responding to the developments in the industry. And it is replacing the old 4-sector structure with an array of 7 themed dimensions – each with clear topics and content.For you as an exhibitor, the redesigned EuroShop brings key advantages and benefits:

  • A restructured scope that is even more visitor-focused than ever
  • Ever-better systematic alignment to your customers’ needs
  • Synergistic effects between different dimensions that are steadily converging
  • A flexible framework with plenty of freedom to present your own forward-looking developments and innovative products

In short, a future- and success-oriented trade fair concept to match today’s and tomorrow’s dynamic market developments.



There are plenty of reasons to join us FOR THE EUROSHOP Trade Fair.

You will meet knowledgeable industry leaders who will address a range of topics, link informative strategies for building your business, and learn how European demographics and psychographics differ from those in the U.S.

Put simply, if you want to tap into the vital European business market, you need to be at the EUROSHOP Trade Fair and Trade Show with TTI Travel, the Trade Fair Travel Specialists!

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