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Moscow, Russia

Metallurgy Litmash, Tube Russia, Aluminium/ Non-Ferrous


  • 300 exhibitors from 25 countries entered into a dialogue with 7,100 high-calibre trade visitors at the centrally located Expocentre in Moscow.
  • all came to leverage the trade fair as a platform
  • Nations such as Germany, Austria, Italy and China were represented

Even in difficult times, the Moscow trade fair trio, Metallurgy Litmash, Tube Russia, Aluminium/ Non-Ferrous is making positive momentum


Interest in innovative plants and machinery is still very high / 4,100 specialist visitors gathered information


The current tense political situation, the weak rouble and the deterioration of the price of oil is affecting the Russian metallurgy industry market and the pipe sector as well as international trade. However, it is also offering new opportunities. In Russia and neighbouring nations, there is still a considerable need to invest. The interest in modern machinery, production and processing plants, as well as high-tech materials, continues to be at a very high level. In addition to this, Russian companies have to improve their own competitive position in order to be able to substitute imports. Against this background, the trade fair trio, Metallurgy Litmash, Tube Russia and Aluminium/ Non-Ferrous being held from 8 to 11 June 2015 is making positive momentum for the industry: Around 4,100 specialist visitors gathered information during the course of the trade fair on innovations from the fields of foundry technology, machinery and plants for the metallurgy industry, as well as machinery, materials and accessories for the production, processing and treatment of pipes.


The representatives from just about 200 exhibiting companies originating from 21 countries took advantage of the dialogue with the specialist visitors to exchange their experiences and making new contacts. Several exhibitors were even able to make unexpectedly good business deals. For others, the main issues included the observation of the market and maintaining customer relationships, which have, in part, existed for many years. The specialist visitors primarily came from Russia and other CIS regions. In addition to this, several neighbouring countries were also represented. The exhibitors consistently reported having interesting and long-lasting discussions with experts and praised the high level of technical knowledge and specific request for information. Currently, on the Russian market, there are still highly promising projects. Many of them, however, have been put on hold since it is difficult for the companies willing to invest to obtain required loans. Although uncertainty regarding the political future of relations and economic implications is predominate among both providers as well as customers, the Russian market has been evaluated as being positive over the long term.


Metallurgy Litmash, Tube Russia and Aluminium/ Non-Ferrous 2015 took place at the Moscow Expocentre Krasnaya Presnya and was organised by Messe Düsseldorf GmbH and its subsidiary Messe Düsseldorf Moscow in cooperation with its Russian partner, Metal-Expo. The trade fair trio was provided support by the International Tube Association ITA, as well as the Metallurgical Council of China/Council for the Promotion of Trade – Metallurgical Center for International Exchange and Cooperation MC-CCPIT.


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